Are you building a new home or have just finished building one? Dreading of being burglarized in your new home? You don’t have to worry anymore. Modern technology has enabled development of home security systems, home security camera systems and home alarm systems which help to secure your home and prevent burglars from intruding.

With the latest security systems, you no longer need to sleep, work or vacation with fear. Improvement of technologies such as the internet have allowed security companies to create portals to allow their clients to perform home security monitoring from any part of the world. Below are ways a new home owner can secure his or her home.

Install an alarm system

Before moving in your new house, you can locate a local security company and request for the best alarm system they have in stock. Consultations between you and the experts will be able to provide information on how the home alarm systems will be of benefit to you.

Most modern alarm system comes with a control panel which is the command center for configuring the system. All a home owner needs to do is create a passcode which the family members can use to gain entry into the home. Apart from the alarm passcode, the system can be configured remotely while one is at work or on vacation through mobile apps or an internet portal.

The best alarm systems are those designed to have the control panel and the keypad separate. This is to prevent disabling when an intruder breaks in.

Beef up your security with a dog

Dogs are pets and are security systems with teeth which prevent intruders from gaining entry. All dogs are not equal. In order to ensure utmost safety to your family, dog breeds that you need to buy include German shepherds, Rottweiler’s, Doberman and mastiff among others. Dogs with large physique look terrifying therefore will instill fear in the burglar.

You can also have the dog trained so that it is equipped with skills of accepting commands from its owners only. Most dogs can be poisoned by the use of food or drinks. With proper training, dogs can be equipped with skills of refusing food from strangers regardless of hunger or the inviting smell of the meal.

You can do research on local dog trainers who have had successful jobs in the past. Since you are new to the area, you can request for references from friends who have lived in the area, relatives or even neighbors.

A well trained dog is like a Swiss knife, it is capable of achieving security tasks with ease.

Install motion sensor lights

Burglars love to break into a home during the night or day whether you are around or you have traveled for business or vacation. The night provides cover for the burglars while they continue with their illegal activities. To prevent this, you can have smart motion sensing lights installed for you around the house.

The lights will be turned on when an intruder tries to approach the house at an ungodly hour in order to steal from you. The sensors use infrared light to detect motion of a human body.

Smart lights help to illuminate areas that are usually dark especially near hedges, trees or even the backyard.

The Very best medical alert systems

When you are looking for a medical alert system for your loved one or family member, then the best thing to do is to look online through a variety of reviews of the very best medical alert systems. You want to be sure that you are going to get something of good value, and something that you can rely on any day or night. Don’t leave the care of your loved ones overlooked, and with the best medical alert systems you can be sure that they are going to be taken care of.

When you decide to go with a medical alert system, then you can be sure that there is going to be alerts sent even when someone isn’t there to help them and look-out for them. This is a great option for family members who are worried about their elderly loved ones and want to help them come up with a simple way for them to call for help if they are ever in need of it. When seconds can mean a world of difference, it’s important to get help sent on the way quick whenever anything goes wrong and medical alert systems can help you to do this. When you are looking after the care of your family, you want to make sure that you have the very best and there are plenty of options out there.

Strengthen your doors

Burglars love to kick in your door so that they can gain entry. Most homes have wooden doors installed in the front and back of the house to act as entry and exit points for family members. Some door designs are weak and can break easily if tremendous force such as a strong kick or a rock is thrown at it.

To strengthen the door, you can request an expert to strengthen the door locks by replacing the strike and adding a stronger one. This can be achieved cheaply therefore you don’t need to worry about cost. To prevent your door from being kicked in, you can have the experts replace the short mounting screws with long ones such as the 3 inch which reach the door studs.

A peephole is another security measure that can help strengthen your home. It allows you to get a glimpse of any person who wants to trick you into opening your door and giving them access.

If a wooden door still feels unsafe, you can have a security company install for you a heavy metal door. To trick the burglars, you can have it designed to look the same like a wooden door.